MovElite Fitness is a non-profit organisation with a goal to empower people to become healthier, both mentally and physically by giving them the confidence and capabilities to get involved in sport. Currently we focus on obstacle course racing (OCR) and Martial Arts but we keep an open mind to expand to other disciplines.   

We offer OCR and Martial Arts coaching in Edinburgh, Scotland, and for those that are unable to the training sessions in person, we provide simple and easy to follow training programs at a very reasonable price.

Best of all, 100% of profits from the group training sessions and 50% of all profits from online sales go to Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland (TASS) in South Lanarkshire, with the remaining 50% of profits being invested back to help grow the organisation. All of our staff members are non-salaried volunteers giving up their own free time to help guide others, and of course, to have fun.



Feel free to check out Tribe's Facebook page and website: